Collection Digitisation Project

Begun in 2018, this project involves documenting the details of objects held in the collection at Oak Lodge and uploading them to eHive, an online database available to anybody with internet access.

A small group of CRVHS volunteers has completed a training course with a Roving Curator from Arts Tasmania. The first meeting was held on 17 May 2018, and 9 more sessions followed over the next 6 months. We began by developing a Collection Policy, a slow but important process which allowed us to clarify our aims and methods. Our Statement of Purpose is as follows: “The Coal River Valley Historical Society Inc. (CRVHS) honours the Horsfalls’ intention of maintaining a community museum at Oak Lodge that preserves and shares the history of the Valley, for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.”

The formulation of a Collection Policy also involved writing a history of the Society; defining the key themes, time period and geographical region of our collection; agreeing on the type of items we will collect and the accompanying acquisition criteria; documentation and record keeping, storage and conservation methods, loan procedures; and, finally, de-accessioning and disposal procedures. We even investigated the light levels, UV radiation, temperature and humidity in the house.

Once the Collection Policy was finished, we moved on to look at object cleaning, preventative conservation, display and storage materials. Then, we had an introduction to the process of cataloguing and uploaded our first tentative entries onto eHive – an online database linked to Trove.

Index page from Margaret Horsfall’s splendid school notebook (1921-22)

Click here to visit eHive and have a look at what we’ve done so far.

We are excited to have published an ebook which preserves the school work done by Margaret Horsfall in 1921-2. Click here to view the book on eHive. Tip: Click on the picture of the book in eHive and browse through the pages.

We meet every second Saturday to work on the project and hope to share more of our discoveries with you both on this site and on our Facebook page.