The Coal River Valley Historical Society runs a program of history activities for CRVHS members.

CRVHS volunteers host guided tours of Oak Lodge at 18 Bridge Street, Richmond and Oak Lodge fundraising events.

Oak Lodge is open to the public daily, 11.30am to 3.30pm (entry $4 adults, $1 children).

Group bookings for tours, school groups and meetings are most welcome. For event details and bookings please email or phone (03) 62604153.

The Ten Days on the Island exhibition Jane Elizabeth was at Oak Lodge daily 18th March -18th April 2017.

The Hobart Paranormal Group offers guided tours at Oak Lodge one evening a month and Saturday psychic readings fortnightly.

“My wife and I are from England and we visited Richmond a month ago. The Bridge and Oak Lodge were the highlights of the visit. The Lodge has stood as a silent witness to much of Richmond’s history. It really was like entering a time portal in that history was given physical form and one could easily imagine the lives of people living and working in what is now a sentinel from Richmond’s past. Congratulations to the volunteers associated with Oak Lodge, especially the informative and helpful lady who made us most welcome.”
Eric Hodgson (April 2015)