Oak Lodge business plan plots new direction

Oak Lodge Futures, the business plan commissioned by CRVHS, was prepared by Martin Farley and Tony Roberts of creating Preferred Futures and financed with a grant from Premier Lara Giddings.

The analysis draws on research into Oak Lodge, CRVHS, the Richmond community, the National Trust and other heritage and tourism industry stakeholders. Acknowledging there is a strong preference to keep Oak Lodge in community ownership, the plan recommends Oak Lodge plays a broader role in Kerry Dean sketch of Oak Lodge no captionRichmond tourism to offer a comparative heritage narrative, interpretation and heritage visitor experience.

While a number of purchase options have been considered, an alternate strategic option is to develop an “Oak Lodge model” that retains the building in National Trust ownership while allowing the Richmond and Coal River Valley community to securely operate it for the benefit of the community. A management committee established from within the community would supervise the operation and financial affairs of the property.

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer for the new management committee please contact Lois 6260 4153 or Michael 6260 2950. Many people at the public meeting in January 2013 were very definite that the house should not be sold. Now is the opportunity to help keep the house as a community asset.