Restoration and discovery

1840s wallpaper discovered at Oak Lodge, Richmond, 2014

There has been a lot happening at Oak Lodge recently in preparation for the splendid Gothic Revival wallpaper discovered in 2014, painstakingly recreated and now being rehung by Alan Townsend.

1840s wallpaper discovered at Oak Lodge, Richmond, 2014

A glimpse of the many layers of wallpaper discovered in 2014 at Oak Lodge including the remarkable 1840s blue and gold Gothic Revival pattern being recreated and rehung in the hall.

  • We removed the basin, bath and old hot water service from the bathroom, discovering more of the original wallpapers.
  • Ross Stokman has been replumbing so that the kitchen still has water.
  • Brian Hope removed some power points and old conduit in preparation for the wallpaper.
  • Tony Colman shellacked the skirting and the architraves prior to the paper being put up.
  • Julia has lent us the scaffolding necessary to do the area at the top of the stairs.
  • Our volunteer hosts are ensuring that Oak Lodge is open 11.30am-3.30pm every day during May for the Tasmanian Heritage Festival.
  • Alan Townsend will be on site hanging wallpaper every weekend in May.
  • And the garden volunteers have the garden looking wonderful too.

All these contributions and more show the community support for the work we are doing at Oak Lodge.